Windows Modern Device Management
  • 23 Sep 2022
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Windows Modern Device Management

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Article summary

Third Party Management Required

Jamf does not provide mobile device managment (MDM) capabilities for Windows devices.

While there are many device management options available that may be used to effectively manage Windows devices in a manner that is compatible with the Trusted Access solution, this guide provides resources for Microsoft Intune.

Much like Jamf Pro enables Mobile Device Management for macOS devices, Microsoft Intune does the same for Windows devices.

This guide focuses on cloud-based "modern management" techniques and tools, which is the successor to legacy Active Directory-based management approaches.

Not using Modern Management?

Jump straight to our Jamf Trust deployment guide for Microsoft Endpoint Security Manager.

Deploying Windows Devices using Microsoft Intune

By enrolling devices into Microsoft Intune, they can become sanctioned device under the Trusted Access solution architecture. These Windows devices are identifiable as company assets, with policies that can configure data access and local retention rules.

There are many different methods and techniques to consider with modern management.

Evaluate the enrollment method(s) you are supporting or would like to support in your environment.

Deploying Jamf Trust

Once modern device management has been established on a Windows device, assuming the user utilized a method involving logging in using their Azure AD / IdP credentials, it is now possible to zero-touch deploy and activate Jamf Trust.

  1. Follow the steps in Enabling Access for Trusted Devices to configure Private Access in RADAR.
  2. Follow the guide to Deploy Jamf Trust to Windows Devices via Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Once the Jamf Trust app is installed on the device, it will auto launch, activate, and configure all network protection and Private Access capabilities that were defined in RADAR.

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