Users and Identity Providers
  • 07 Sep 2022
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Users and Identity Providers

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Article summary

User identity is critical to ensure that only authorized and trusted users are able to access your organization's data from trusted devices.

Given the importance of being able to reliably assert a user's identity in a way that is attack resistant, the Trusted Access solution requires that user authentication is performed using modern authentication techniques via a third party identity provider. Virtually any identity provider that supports SAML and OIDC are supported, which notably includes:

  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • Okta
  • Google Workspace
  • Ping Identity

An identity provider must be configured in two Jamf products to be able to realize full functionality of Trusted Access:

Jamf ProEnd User Single Sign On for User EnrollmentConfiguring Single Sign On
Jamf Security Cloud (RADAR)Linked Identity ProvidersLinking Identity Providers

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