Loved by Users
  • 24 Jul 2023
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Loved by Users

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Article summary

Happy employees makes for productive employees.

Happiness quickly breaks down when the tools that are intended to keep users safe are, instead, obtrusive or inhibit an ability to get work done efficiently. Files that take forever to load, VPNs that are slow or require constant re-authentication, computers grinding to a halt... yuck.

Most IT and InfoSec teams hear about these problems from executive leadership teams when they can't complete their work. Meanwhile, others in the workforce "suffer in silence", forced to accept the poor experience as "the way it is", or create multiple IT support tickets expressing their frustration.

The reality is that balancing security and user experience is hard, especially when you need to try to pull together various vendor solutions to achieve compliance and meet InfoSec requirements.

The primary goal of Jamf Trusted Access is to execute identity, management, and security on endpoints in a way that promotes happy users through a "consumer-grade" experience, while equally thrilling security teams with next-generation, efficient, and deep security capabilities. This is all possible through a tight integration of products built for Apple devices that spans the entire device stack, from management through to the network.

Feel the Love

Throughout our journey at Jamf, hearing many customers over multiple decades express their strong feelings about employee experience, it is no mistake that "love" is a cornerstone of the Trusted Access solution.

Apple has built an unmatched user experience from unboxing to using the Setup Assistant, to the first home screen or Finder, and we want to align with that experience as much as possible. But achieving a great user experience doesn't stop there; it must include excelling in several additional ways as well:

  1. High Performance - All components of the enterprise system is fast and doesn't slow down or inhibit the applications users rely on to get work done.
  2. Seamless Access - Utilizing the applications and data a user needs is achieved effortlessly, without concern of where those resources exist (in the cloud or on-prem) or needing to constantly re-authenticate a VPN.
  3. Privacy and Transparency - A user's privacy – particularly on personally-owned devices – must be preserved and respected.

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