Setup Federated Authentication in ABM
  • 14 Sep 2022
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Setup Federated Authentication in ABM

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Article summary

Apple Documentation Link

Refer to for the latest version of instructions to set up Azure. A simplified workflow is documented in this article.


  • Microsoft Azure administrator account with Global Administrator role
  • Apple Business Manager account with Administrator or People Manager role
  • Access to DNS records for your organization to add a TXT record for domain ownership validation

Domain validation

Follow the instructions in to link your organization domain to Apple Business Manager.

DNS changes may take up to 36 hours to propagate to start the next step.

Federate authentication between your organization identity provider and Apple Business Manager

Determine if SCIM, user sync, or on demand account creation is appropriate in your organization

Managed Apple IDs are generated in one of three ways:

If your organization has additional requirements like assigning applications to users in bulk, it may make sense to import your full organization directory of users into Apple Business Manager with SCIM or Google user sync. Actions like license assignment can be done in advance of a large scale deployment of devices and avoid taxing server resources.

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