Problems Addressed
  • 24 Sep 2022
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Problems Addressed

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Article summary

No matter what type of organization you operate, chances are you rely heavily on technology, data, and apps to fuel your business. However, striking the right balance between usability and security is very difficult to achieve without advanced tooling, technical expertise, and constant tuning.

Ultimately, we have found that our customers need to simultaneously address two significant challenges:

  1. Protecting organizational data wherever it exists
  2. Enabling productivity from anywhere

Problem 1: Protecting organizational data wherever it exists

Data is now stored everywhere: on servers in an IT closet, across various SaaS provider clouds, deep in private cloud services, on laptops, and even mobile phones.

Keeping all of that data freely accessible to only trusted users and devices is deceptively difficult to pull off without gaps or significant negative user experience impacts. As a result, data ends up "leaking" onto unmanaged devices or becomes vulnerable to attack due to lacking security controls.

Solving this problem requires that...

Company data must only be accessible to trusted and secured devices in a way that is effortless for end users and IT, all while thwarting attackers.

Problem 2: Enabling productivity from anywhere

The need for data to be available to users, no matter where they are has been slowly evolving for decades, but the 2020 pandemic dramatically accelerated that trend.

High performance, secure, and seamless access to data is now an essential and expected IT service across all common endpoint device platforms. Providing an experience that is reliable and secure for all users in an organization – no matter where they are in the world that day – puts great stress on traditional tools, infrastructure and IT teams to support.

Solving this problem requires that...

Users must be productive and secure no matter where they are, and no matter what app or service they are using, to complete their work.

The Jamf Solution: Trusted Access

We not only wanted to help our customers solve these problems, but do so in a way that respects user privacy while delivering an Apple-grade user experience.

The result is Trusted Access: a complete solution built upon a foundation of device management principles and capabilities, integrated with modern identity, security, and access technologies, to keep organizational data safe and users productive no matter where they are.

To learn more about the core principles and design of Trusted Access, check out the solution overview and architecture, otherwise get started right away with our recommended implementation roadmap.

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