Jamf Sync
  • 25 Apr 2024
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Jamf Sync

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Article summary

Synchronize File Share Distribution Points for Jamf Pro


NameJamf Sync
Solution TypemacOS App
Download LinkGitHub Releases
DocumentationThe Jamf Sync User's Guide is available via the application's "Help" menu.

Solution Description

Jamf Sync helps synchronize Jamf Pro distribution points.

Please review the documentation PDF, available via Jamf Sync's Help menu prior to use.

Once configured, clicking the “Synchronize” button will try to make the destination the same as the source by creating, updating, or deleting files on the target. When the destination is a distribution point for a Jamf Pro server, it will create packages in Jamf Pro for each file added. Jamf Sync also allows synchronization of local folders not configured in Jamf Pro.

For users that prefer a command line for automating the sync functionality, Jamf Sync has a built in command line tool. Once installed, check out the man page here:

/Applications/JamfSync.app/Contents/MacOS/JamfSync -h


sync pro server.png

sync file share.png

sync in action.png

Example Workflows

Workflow Example:

  1. Configure Jamf Sync with desired Jamf Pro distribution points and folders
  2. Add your desired files to a Source folder/location
  3. Navigate to the main Jamf Sync page to choose a Source from the configured list and a Destination location
  4. Click Synchronize to replicate the files from Source to Destination


  • Mac with macOS 14 Sonoma
  • Jamf Sync
  • Jamf Pro with API User or Client Credentials
  • Distribution point access with permissions (Required for desired workflows)

Setup Overview

  1. Download and move Jamf Sync app to Applications
  2. Click the gear to configure source and destination folders
  3. Add each desired source and destination folder
  4. Click "Close" when source and destinations are configured
  5. Choose from the dropdowns the desired source and destinations configured in steps 2-3
  6. Click Synchronize and verify completion in the Jamf Sync interface

Questions and Feedback

Please share your findings via our Customer Feedback Program.

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