Jamf Printer Manager
  • 11 Apr 2024
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Jamf Printer Manager

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Article Summary

Simple Printer Configuration Setups for Jamf Pro

printer manager icon

NameJamf Printer Manager
Solution TypemacOS App
Current Version1.0.0
Download Link with DocumentationRemoved. An update will be posted shortly.
DocumentationJamf Printer Manager User Guide v1.0.0.pdf

Solution Description

Jamf Printer Manager eases printer deployments by uploading printer settings and printer definition files from a macOS computer to Jamf Pro. Once uploaded, the printer configuration can be deployed via policy. Please see the documentation link above for more information.

Screenshot of Jamf Printer Manager Main Screen

Questions and Feedback

We're eager to hear from you! Please email us at printer.manager - jamf.com

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